Paleo Challenge: Day 10 of 30! 1/3 of the way there!  Stay strong!

7pm Lincoln Square Mobility Focus: Shoulders, upper traps, mid back and neck!  

A.  G.P.P. 3 Rounds not for time
Row 250 Meters as fast as possible. R1: DL 4, R2: DL 6, R3: DL8
Hollow body rocks 45-60 seconds
Handstand kickups x 10 with 3 sec holds

B. E.M.O.T.M: 5 Rounds, 30 On/60 Off
PushPress, 65% of 1RM, max effort

C. 4 Rounds: 3 minutes On/ 1 minute Off
Power Clean and Jerk 135/95lbs x3
Bar over burpees x 6
Toes to Bar x 9
*Pick up after each round exactly where you left off. Recording total rounds and reps completed over 4 rounds.