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Defined @ Home Workout- 

4 Rounds: Every 4 minutes, perform the following; (16 minutes)
10 X Stagger Stance RDL – Video
– Perform on each side
– Take 3 seconds on the lowering (negative) phase for every rep
45 Sec. X Weighted Good Morning Hold – Video
– Load with goblet at chest or weight on upper back
10 X Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge – Video
– Perform on each side
– Take 3 seconds on the lowering (negative) phase for every rep
45 Sec. X Reverse Plank – Video
Rest remaining of each round! 

Coaches’ Notes: 
Spend 4 minutes each round working your way through this posterior chain circuit. The goal is to have approx. 30 seconds left of each round for rest. This is week #2 on this progression!

*Stagger Stance RDL: Choose the heaviest weight you can work with and move slowly through 10 reps focusing more on the negative or down portion of each rep. The front leg should feel most of the work. Perform on each side. See video! 
*Weighted Good Morning Hold: Load this movement with weight in goblet position or on your upper back. Choose a DB, KB, plate, weighted backpack, anything you can find in the house that challenges you! See video!
*Elevated SL Glute Bridge: Use a height no more than 16″ off the ground. A small box or side of your couch will work. Tuck the tailbone and drive the hip to the ceiling with each rep. Make sure not to overextend in the lower back. See video! 
*Reverse Plank: Roll the shoulders back, tuck the tailbone and drive your hips to the ceiling while driving through the heels of both the hands and feet. This can be scaled to a Reverse Plank Bridge if needed. – Video

5 Rounds: Every 5 minutes, perform the following;

200 Meter X Run
20 X Overhead Squat with PVC/Broomstick – Video
20 X Box Jumps – Video
10 X Walk out + Pushup (1+1) – Video
Rest remaining time of each round!

*Hustle Goal: Finish each round in under 3:45!

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 5 minutes, perform the work above as fast as possible, resting time remaining of each round! The faster you work the more time you have to rest. The goal is to leave at least 1 minute on the clock per round to recover. Reduce your Box jump and Overhead squats by 5-10 reps if needed to finish by the 4 minute mark of each round!

*Run: We have a few options for you today. If you are running outside but dont have a 200 meter mapped out: run 30 seconds out + run 30 seconds back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 1 minute. If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute X Wall Sprints. – Video
*Overhead Squats: Using a towel, PVC, broomstick, etc.. Keep your chest up, weight in heels and shoulders externally rotated!
*Box Jumps: Jump or stepup to a height that is at least at or above knee height. Open up your hips at the top of each jump. Stepping back down from each rep is suggested!