Defined @ Home Workout-

3 Rounds: 1 Minute ON/ 15 Seconds OFF (11 minutes)

Turkish Getup with Plate or Ball – Video
– Perform on both sides
Single Arm Renegade Row, alternating sides – Video
Wall Sit with Pulse – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, spend 1 minute at each station, resting and rotating for 15 seconds. Focus on quality work, do not rush it, move with intention.
*Turkish Getups: Traditionally this movement can be done with a kb or db, today we are using a flat plate or ball to increase difficulty and focus by adding a layer of balance. See video.
*Renegade Row: Using a lighter db or kb, focus on keeping hips square to floor while minimizing torso rotation. This movement can be performed without weight as well. Alternate arms with each rep. See video.
*Wall Sit with Pulse: Sit on the wall at 90 degrees. Using kb, db, weighted backpack, bumper plate, etc.. See video.

15 Minute Amrap
5 X Single Arm Push Jerk – Video
– Perform on each side
5 X Single Arm Russian Swing – Video
– Perform on each side
5 X Single Arm Bent Over Row – Video
– Perform on each side
10 X Weighted Reverse Lunge with Step up + Knee Drive – Video
– Alternating legs with each rep
*EMOTM: Perform 1 X Wall Climb – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
Complete the movements above for as many reps and rounds as possible. Every minute on the minute perform 1 X Wallclimb. Once completed continue with your amrap wherever you left off.
*Single Arm Push Jerk/Russian Swing, Bent Over Row: Perform with a light to moderate kb, db, weighted backpack or any object you can find in the house that challenges you and allows you to mimic the movement patterns. See videos!
*Weighted Reverse Lunge + Step-up: Using a Db, Kb or any object you can find in the house that is challenging. This weight can be as heavy as you can maintain good form. Step-up height should put top leg at approx. 90 degrees if able. 
*Wall Climbs: Goal is to climb up and down the wall with control, touching your nose and toes to the wall at the same time. If you are not confident with going all the way up, choose a height that challenges you. If you are not ready for the wall, perform 4 X Walk outs (video)

“360 Degrees” (12 minutes)

3 Rounds; 45 on/ 15 off
Seated Dual Leg Lift Overs – Video
Weighted Superman Hold – Video
Side Plank, Right 
Side Plank, Left

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, spend 45 seconds working, with 15 seconds to rest and transition. Rotate through movements as a circuit. We are on week 4 with this circuit. Each week we are adding 5 seconds to each movement while keeping the rest constant. Last week on this progression! 
*Leg Lift Overs: The more upright you are the harder this will be. Lean back to make this easier. Lock the knees out and lift over a small object with control. Use your db or kb as a target if possible. 
*Weighted Superman Hold: This movement is challenging without weight as well. If you have a light weight or plate use it. Squeeze the butt to protect the lower back. 
*Side Plank: Perform from a long position (toes), or short position, (knees)