**7pm Mobility with Coach Cara is cancelled this evening. Mobility will pick back up 1st week of December!**

A. Take 15 minutes-
Push Press:
Beg: Find your heavy 3 for the day
Int: Find your heavy 2 for the day
Adv: Find your heavy 1 for the day
*Compare scores to 10.21.13
**We did this same lift 1 month ago, stick with the same level and try to beat your number from last time!

B. E.O.M.O.T.M.- Volume/Conditioning
10 Rounds: 30 on/30 off
Odd minutes: Pushpress @ 65% of your heavy 1,3 or 5 for the day, max effort
Even Minutes: Flutter Kicks with Med ball 14/10lbs, max effort

Volume work (V): On all odd rounds perform max reps push press at weight chosen for 30 seconds. On even rounds perform max effort flutter kicks with medball. Alternate between the two stations for 10 minutes or 5 rounds each station.

C. 10 minute Amrap
Russian KB Swings 55/35lbs
KB Snatches 55/35lbs, alternating arms
Hurdle Hops 20/16″
*On the first round perform 3 Russian KB Swings, 3 KB Snatches and 3 Hurdle hops, on the 2nd round, peform 6 reps of each, on the third round, perform 9 reps of each. Continue in this fashion until the clock runs out!


Dream Team!

Dream Team!