30 Day Paleo Challenge: (Please go to our Paleo forum page on Facebook to get more info on how to approach the days after a challenge)   The challenge is finally over!  Congratulations to all the people who were able to stay strict for 30 days and reap the benefits of this amazing detox.  Please go to our Paleo Facebook page and share all your results.  Weight loss, inches lost, changes in sleep, energy, etc…

We are also looking for anybody that is willing not only to share their success story but photos as well.  Please email [email protected] with any photos and changes you want  to share with our community!

This diet has changed many lives!  The sacrifices needed  are challenging but well worth it!   We are proud of everyone who gave it a shot! Hoozah!

Fight 2 Give Charity Event – Nov 2nd

Next Fundraising Incentive!!

$75 gift card to Tango Sur
Anyone who raises $100 from now until Saturday night will have their name tossed into a hat for a $$75 gift card drawing which will happen on Monday.  May the odds be ever in your favor (Hunger Games quote). 

A. Take 15 minutes-
Romanian Deadlift: Find your heavy 6

B. 4 Rounds: 30 on/30 off
Partner Glute Ham raises, max effort.

C. Team Sprint Challenge
Teams of 3
Come on in and find out!