This month, we’re celebrating Defined’s PRs.

We’re especially proud of these numbers because they reflect our team values of longevity, consistency, and connection. And just like our teammates, they’re numbers we can count on.

2.5 YEARS: Defined’s average length of engagement is 30 months; which means our athletes train with us an average of 2.5 years. That’s dedication. 

6647 CHECK-INS: That’s our total number of check-ins for the month of June: the highest it’s ever been! We had approximately 4200 check-ins in January, and that number keeps growing. We’re impressed, team. 

16 VISITS: This reflects the average number of training sessions attended per month. That means, on average, our athletes are training 4x per week. Not only have you held the standard, but you’ve raised the bar!

Like Coach Cara always says: “High-five yourself. Now high-five your teammates.”

This month, we’re also looking forward to our second Beach WOD, welcoming new Foundations graduates, and eager to expand our team. Here’s the scoop!


  • Sunday, 8/8: Our next Foundations begins! All interested friends and family members can email us at [email protected] to learn more about our programs and set up a “no sweat” intro session. All levels welcome!
  • Saturday, 8/14: Meet us at the Beach. Join us (again!) at The Dock at Montrose Beach at 9AM for squats in the sand. All friends and family are welcome. Registration is live in Zen Planner.
  • Sunday, 9/6: We’re CLOSED

Take time to recover. Our normal schedule resumes on Tuesday, 9/7.


Defined is always on the lookout for talented, motivated, and passionate coaches who are eager to engage with an athletic community and promote a healthy lifestyle.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team of highly qualified and diverse fitness professionals, please send a resume and references to Noal at [email protected]

Qualified applicants should have the following background and experience:

  • Training Certification(s) or a minimum of 2 years coaching experience

  • Excellent group communication and intrapersonal skills

  • A passion for developing meaningful relationships

  • Strong work ethic and a desire to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Desire to be a part of team with an interest in continued education and self- development

  • Highly adaptable, quick learner with excellent organizational skills

  • Morning and evening availability; 4-6 hours per week, with growth opportunity

Last, you should know: You look GREAT in your new Defined apparel! Thank you for choosing to support us in strength AND style. It means a lot. 

Stay strong. 

Stay hydrated. 

Team Defined