We’re incredibly grateful to the Defined community for supporting what we’re developing with our students. By replacing our traditional PE programs with CrossFit, we stand to teach our students many of the life lessons it took most of us until adulthood to learn: people are important; resilience, persistence, and grit are more valuable than we think; it’s okay to struggle, or even fail; everyone has strengths, yet they continue to work on their weaknesses; moving is fun and has more than just physical benefits.

The benefits of introducing our students to CrossFit at a young age are incalculable. By introducing them to new movement patterns, talking about nutrition, and erasing that fear of failure, we will be able to show our students that they have the ability to control the trajectory of their lives. They can choose to live a healthy one, marked by milestones like a new WOD PR, a 200# deadlift, and the time they cheered on their classmate who couldn’t do a box jump at the beginning of the school year.

We cannot wait to see what these kids can do with a barbell in their hands. Plus, we look forward to inviting families in for community events that bring fitness to the entire St. Sylvester and St. Bartholomew communities. We are so thankful for the love and support that was shown to our schools on Saturday!

Our goal was to raise $2,200 in order to purchase all of the equipment for the kids; with the held of Defined and our community we were able to surpass that and total $3,259!

With gratitude,
Allyn, Danny, Kevin