It’s the last month of 2021. You’ve accomplished a lot. How does it feel?

2021 may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean our growth stops. At Defined, we’re never just training for the season. We’re building habits for life.

Now is not the time to step away. Instead, step up to the challenge of reevaluating what it takes to keep you connected to your training.

For the month of December, we’re offering three action items to get you through a transitory time of holiday hustle, inconsistent schedules, and earlier sunsets. We’ve been through a lot together: trust us.

1. Set achievable goals.

Start by making a list of what you want to accomplish in your training this month. And then cross out all of the items that are impossible. Perspective, right? Once you’ve done that, choose your top 3 priorities, and rank them. It sounds silly, but order and organization help us identify our more prominent challenges. For example, if doing something restorative for your body is a priority, put that at the top of your list. Focus on that first.

2. Ask for accountability.

We’re a team. Teammates hold each other accountable. But how can we be effective in supporting one another if we’re unsure about what’s needed Start by having a conversation. Reach out to one of your coaches to schedule a check-in. Share what you’re working on and discuss a timeline to achieve it. Feedback is one of the best ways to stay connected to and invested in what you’re doing. We love mail that isn’t a formal complaint.

Write Coach Cara at [email protected]

Write Coach Sarah at [email protected]

Write Coach Noal at [email protected]

Write Coach David at [email protected]

3. Trust the process. 

Return to the why behind your training and consider how it relates to your lifestyle. Training should feel challenging but sustainable. And every once in a while, it might even seem redundant. But more often than not, consistency is the real PR. Showing up when “you don’t feel like it” is part of the process. It’s what makes us better than the day before. It’s what keeps us connected.

Need more inspiration to encourage consistency in your training?

Look no further: Meet our December Spotlight Athletes!

Michael Rosinus, age 63

Sharon Wilson, age 65

Thelma Vickroy, age 63

At Defined, movement is for everyone and age is an advantage. We train for many reasons; but for our athletes over 60, it’s all about prioritizing strength for the long haul: to ski with grandkids as they age, build strength to combat bone loss, and to stay independent, healthy, and mobile.

We’re interested in their stories because effective training requires consistency and resilience. It demands a mindset that prioritizes growth and connection: the ability to continually revisit the why behind the movement. Experience comes with age; so undeniably, we have a lot to learn from these three.

Discover how they found us and why they stay. 


Use this link to watch them in action!

Special thanks to Andrew Glatt for creating this video and collaborating on this project.

And don’t forget about our modified schedule for the holidays!


Thursday, 12/23: No Foundations, No Open Gym

Friday, 12/24: CLOSED

Saturday, 12/25: CLOSED

Sunday, 12/26: 8AM DefCon / 9:10AM DefCon / 10:20 DefCon *No Foundations / OG


Friday, 12/31: 6:45AM / 8AM / 10:45AM / 12PM

Saturday, 1/1: CLOSED

Sunday, 1/2: 8AM DefCon / 9:10AM DefCon / 10:20AM DefCon *No Foundations / OG

Stay strong.

Team Defined


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