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Defined @ Home Workout-

“The Buildup” (5 minutes)
Introducing the Front Foot Elevated Split Squat
– Elevation: Approx. 4″
– Building in sets of 10 x 3 warmup sets
– Add weight for rounds 2 and 3 if able

Working Sets X 4: Every 3 minutes; (12 minutes)
FFE SS X 10 reps, each side, at working weight
*Follow ea. set with: Inverted Bodyweight Rows w/ bedsheet X Submax set – Video

*Goal is minimum 10 reps from whatever angle you have chosen!
* Pause at the top and bottom of each rep to make it more challenging!

*Replace with: Single Arm Bent Over Rows X submax set (ea. side)
* Pause at the top and bottom of each rep to make it more challenging!

Rest remaining time of each round!

Coaches’ Notes:
For Part A, over 3 sets, build up to a challenging set of 10 working weight. The elevation you choose should allow you to continue to touch your knee to the ground with each rep. First round feel it out, stick with bodyweight. Second and third round, add weight if able!

For Part B, using that working weight, complete 4 sets of 10 reps each leg. Follow each set with a sub max set of Inverted bodyweight rows using the bedsheet setup suggested in the video. If you have not taken the time to set that up, replace with Single arm bent over rows. Rest remaining time of each round!

EMOTM X 4 Rounds: (19 minutes)
Min 1: 15 X Single Arm Alternating Hang Cleans – Video
Min 2: 15 X Single Arm Alternating Split Jerks – Video
Min 3: Max reps X Dips – Video
Min 4: Max reps X Box Jumps – Video
Min 5: Rest

Coaches’ Notes:
Every minute on the minute perform the following movements above. Goal is to build rest into both minute 1 and 2. Reduce reps to rest by the 40 second mark. Alternate sides with each rep or perform all reps on one side then switch to the other for the next round. For the dips and box jumps, work the full minute for max reps. Rest 1 minute after each round.

Movement Optimization:
* Single Arm Hang Cleans/Split Jerks:
Using a KB, DB, weighted backpack or anything you can find in the house that is challenging and mimics the same movement pattern. See video!
These can be performed from a elevated surface with both legs, 1 leg or no legs supported on the ground for assistance. Choose a scaling option that allows you to work for the full minute.

*Box jumps:
Jump or stepup to a height that is at least at or above knee height. Open up your hips at the top of each jump. Stepping back down from each rep is suggested!