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Defined @ Home Workout- Flex Friday!

Warmup led by Coach Cara & Kevin on Zoom!

“The Buildup”
(3-5 minutes)
Introducing the Skater Squat – Video
– Front loaded: Light weight
– Building in sets of 5 per side 
– Take this time to find what depth/height you can skater squat and touch your back knee to. Your “buildup” is about finding the ideal target height/depth for you to touch your back knee to with each skater squat rep!
*Week 2: Goal is to get more comfortable with this movement and if possible increase the depth target to make this more difficult than last week!

Every 3 Minutes X 4 rounds: Perform the following; (11 minutes)

30 Sec. X Skater Squat, left – Video
30 Sec. X Skater Squat, right
1 Min. X Weighted Glute Bridges – Video
-Alternating foot placement every round!
1 Min. X Rest

Coaches’ Notes:
B1: Get comfortable with the movement and determine a height or depth that you can confidently reach and touch with your back knee with control. The lower the target the more mobility and strength required.
B2: Using the target you worked to from Part B1, spend 30 seconds on each leg. Move slow with control and find balance without having to use the opposite leg for support. Follow with 1 minute of Weighted Glute Bridges then 1 minute of rest!
*Weighted Glute Bridges: Round 1: Hip width, Round 2: Wide Stance, Round 3: Narrow Stance, Round 4: Frog.

For time: “Double Jump” (14 minute cap)
Buy IN: 50/35 X Hand Release Pushups – Video
2 Rounds:
25 X Jumping Air Squats – Video
50 X Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes

2 Rounds:
25 X Jumping Air Squats
50 X Double Unders
Buy OUT: 50/35 X Hand Release Pushups

*Optional Burn OUT: If you finish with time left on the clock, spend rest of time remaining with Plank Up downs! – Video

*Hustle Goal: Finish in 12 minutes or less!

Coaches’ Notes:
For time, complete 50 hand release pushups for men ad 35 for ladies as a buy in, then 2 rounds of jumping air squats and double unders. Rest 2 minutes, then complete 2 more rounds of jumping air squats and double unders, lastly, complete 50/35 hand release pushups as a buy out.
*Double Unders: If you dont have doubles, perform 100 Single unders. If you dont have a jumprope, perform 50 X Penguin Hops (video) or 50 X Lateral Line Hops. (video)

Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Rounds: (8 minutes)
“Blanket Battle”
30 Sec X Seated Front Raise – Video
30 Sec X Seated Lateral Raise – Video
30 Sec X Blanket Battle Ropes – Video
1 Minute X Rest

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, complete the following circuit above every 2.5 minutes. Using a light to moderate pair of dbs, kbs, wine bottles, or anything in the house that you can find that mimics the movement pattern for both the front raise and lateral raise. For the Blanket battle ropes, find a heavy blanket or bedsheet! Rest 1 minute at the end of each round!