Baseline Testing and Beach Workouts begin.

First things first: Happy Pride Month!

At Defined, our colors never change.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly gyms in the city, and we continue to work toward inclusivity for all in training and life. Defined celebrates everyone—all year long, but especially this month. Because if you know us, then you know our people are our pride.

Come as you are.

ALL are welcome.

Support happens here.

Look for Pride focused classes this month, and a Pride event in August!

Baseline Testing: What’s the point?  

This month, we’re continuing to build on Back Squat and Bench Press progressions with a goal of establishing a new 1 rep max for each. Two months of training set us up to successfully “push” the limits and better understand our current power. Establishing a “baseline” for foundational movements and benchmark workouts helps us understand how far we’ve come and where we’d like to go. But what’s the point if we don’t track our progress?

Consider this: What are you testing?

It’s hard to get better if you don’t know what “better” means. Think about what you’re interested in right now: Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Tackle a new skill? Do you want to work a weakness you’ve been avoiding? Or are you excited about building on something that’s already heading in the right direction? Whatever it is, identify it.

Having a focus helps us train with purpose. And purpose comes from knowing what we’re looking for. So before making assumptions about your perceived progress, be clear: What are you testing? And then stick with it.

Analyze: What are your metrics?

Whether or not you use SugarWOD, now is a great time to manage your metrics. Consider it a month-long experiment to see if your assumptions are accurate or altered. There are many ways to track progress. But we can only measure progress if we 1. Have a plan, 2. Stay consistent, and 3. Use metrics that allow us to see change. In our experience: the barbell never lies.

Download SugarWOD on your iPhone or Android.

Use password “morethanagym” to see Defined’s programming and track your training.

Not sure what you need to track or test?

Ask your Coach. We’re here to keep you honest in your training and guide you in your approach.

Let’s connect.

Check out our events and updates for June!


Sunday, 6/5 – 12:30pm

Coaches Cara and Sarah host an all-women’s Strength workout.

First we squat. Then we sip. // Enjoy a chilly Summer beverage, on us!

Register here to save your spot.

ALL women are welcome.


Saturday, 6/18 – 9:00am

Meet us at The Dock at Montrose Beach.

Plan for sandy squats and a workout that ends in the water!

Register in Zen Planner to save your spot.

  • We’re closed.

Sunday, 6/19 – Juneteenth

Support local Black-owned businesses, restaurants, and artists.

Classes resume on Monday, 6/20.

  • Invite your friends to Foundations!

Programs begin every two weeks.

Email [email protected] to save a spot!