This month, it’s all about the meaning behind the movement.

Spotlight Athletes: Mum’s the word.

There’s no shortage of strong women at Defined. And among them are a legion of moms, setting the standard for consistency, effort, and downright grit.

A less obvious display of their strength presents itself in the form of relentless patience: a simultaneous awareness of what’s possible but unnecessary. Most of us work a lifetime to achieve balance; but moms have an acute awareness that supersedes our own earnest perspective.

Chantal Lindsay, Amanda Goble, Jenna Haupt, and Allison Schaffer Gonzalez all joined us before they became moms—so we’ve been lucky enough to support them through the change of a lifetime. Athletes at heart, they all know what it means to push boundaries and experience discomfort in training. But once they got pregnant, they all agreed: training came with a new set of challenges.

For Amanda, cutting back on intensity while pregnant was the hardest part. And for Chantal, the slow return felt frustrating : “One day in particular, I remember trying to do a push up again and couldn’t.”

Miriam Guilano joined us well after her kiddos were born, but her PRs are that of a single mom who navigates a busy schedule. She’s been on the receiving end of training stereotypes and been warned that “CrossFit negatively impacts a woman’s figure.” Despite that, she trains to feel capable and empowered. And teaches her kids to follow her lead: “I want them to be curious in life and to follow their dreams even if others might think it’s not something they should pursue.”

They share insight and remind us to train with intention. Mom or not, we’ve all got something to learn from their stories. Click here to read the full interview.

Big Floyd 2022: We stand for justice.  

On May 22nd, our Defined community will gather again to embody Big Floyd.

This tribute workout is dedicated to George Floyd, an innocent Black man who was killed tragically at the hands of law enforcement on May 25, 2020. His killing sparked peaceful protests and riots in over 100 cities in the US. This tragic event became the catalyst to resurfacing the Black Lives Matter movement by highlighting what has already been an issue in our country for so many years—Black Americans being targeted and killed by law enforcement—but not felt until video was captured and aired worldwide.

This event will run indoors, on the patio and in the park, with a solidarity gathering to follow. Plan to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy afterwards.

Workout details coming soon!

The meaning of Murph. 

Murph is a classic CrossFit Hero workout. And because Hero workouts honor fallen heroes  in the line of duty, they’re meant to challenge both our physical and mental strengths and capabilities.

Murph honors Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. This workout was Michael’s favorite, which he performed wearing a 20lb vest. The first time Murph was ever programmed was August 18th, 2005; since then, performing this workout became a tradition of solidarity amongst CrossFit communities across the globe.

Every year, our community performs a partitioned Murph together. And if you’re new to Defined, you should know that Murph is for everyone. Leading up to this workout, we’ll provide team options and scaling variations for the following:

1 mile Run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Air Squats

1 mile Run

Save the date: Defined’s Murph Day is Sunday, 5/29! (RSVP via Zen Planner)

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Sunday, 5/22 at 10am

Anticipate a modified schedule: 9AM-10AM Open Gym

Big Floyd begins at 10AM

Workout details coming soon // Register in Zen Planner to save your spot.


Sunday, 5/29 – heats begin at 7am

Heats run every hour: 7AM / 8AM / 9AM / 10AM / 11AM

Stay to cheer on your friends and enjoy a beverage!

Workout details coming soon // Register in Zen Planner to save your spot.

We’re closed.

Monday, 5/30 – Memorial Day

Enjoy your rest day. Classes resume on Tuesday, May 31st.

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