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Choose a 4 week track and follow along for the month of April! 
All programs can be performed with little to no equipment! 
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We’ve trained to be resilient in our fitness and mindset. 
This week how can we be resilient as a community?

Stronger together. 
Remember to rely on one another, your community and your teammates. Just show up, ask for help, and help one another. 

Defined @ Home Workout-

Tabata Mashup: “Pairs”
4 Rounds at each Pair: 20 seconds on/ 10 second off;
Reverse Bridge ups – Video
Handstand Hold – Video
– Wall climb if you can hold for a full min., kick-up if you are breaking it up. 
Cossack Squats with Goblet, alternating sides – Video
Bottom of Squat Hold with Goblet – Video
Wide Stance Good Mornings – Video
Good Morning Hold – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For 4 rounds with each pair: alternate between each set of movements working for 20 seconds, rest/transition for 10 seconds. Once you have completed 4 rounds on the first pair, move on to the 2nd pair and continue. Each pair consists of a static and dynamic station.
Use what equipment you have, bands, kbs, dbs and/or anything in the house that challenges you and mimics the same movement patterns.

“Support Your Local Box” Workout #3/3 
– This is the 3rd & final workout. Have fun, make it work and dont forget to submit your scores!

For time: (20 minute cap)
50 X Double DB Deadlifts
50 X AbMat Sit-ups
– New Abmat standards: Hands do not reach above head, no momentum. 
50 X Box Step-ups
50 X Single-Arm DB Thrusters

RX: 50/35lbs & 24/20″
SCALED: Anything you can find to make it work!

*Hustle Goal: Sub 10 minutes!

Coaches’ Notes:
The sequence for this workout is 50 dumbbell deadlifts followed by 50 AbMat sit-ups, then 50 box step-ups, then 50 single-arm dumbbell thrusters. Note: If performing the workout as prescribed, the deadlift requires two dumbbells while the thruster only requires one.

For all movements, choose a modification that allows you to execute the range of motion that meets your skill level for the duration of the workout.

Your score will be the total time it takes to complete the entire workout or the total number of repetitions completed before the 20-minute time cap. 

The prescribed weight for the dumbbells is 35 lb. for women and 50 lb. for men. However, the workout can be performed with any weight that is suitable for your fitness level. If you don’t have access to dumbbells, any object you can safely move from the front-rack position in the bottom of a squat to over your head works just as well. Here are some creative


  • Dumbbell of a different weight
  • Plastic milk jug
  • Can of food
  • Water bottle
  • Kettlebell

In lieu of an AbMat, roll up a towel to place underneath the small of your lower back. If you don’t have a box, use a sturdy stool, bench, or stair step.