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Defined @ Home Workout-

3 Rounds: 1 Minute ON/20 Seconds OFF (8 minutes)
Wall Facing Handstand Shoulder Taps – Video
Pushup Shoulder Taps – Video
Wall Squat Hold with Pulse – Video

Coaches Notes:
For 3 rounds, spend 1 minute at each station focusing on quality movement. Rest as needed with in the round and take 20 seconds to transition between stations.
*Wall Facing HS Shoulder Taps: Only add shoulder taps if you can hold a handstand for a full minute. Wall walk into position, keep body tight with legs together, slowly shift weight into one hand while quickly tapping the opposite shoulder. Come down safely with control, resting as needed with in the round. This can also be performed from any angle with your feet remaining on the wall.
*Pushup Shoulder Taps: Choose this option if you are not comfortable wall climbing to an inverted position. Brace your core and prevent your hips from twisting while slowly touching opposite shoulder. See video. Hands can extend in front of the body to increase intensity of this exercise.
*Wall Squat Hold with pulse: Sit on wall with belly braced. Choose a light to moderate weight to extend out in front of you with control. Hold onto the weight as long as possible, ditch it when needed and continue to complete the full minute.

EMOTM X 6 Rounds: (17 minutes)
Min 1: Single Arm Alternating Snatches
Min 2: Burpees over weight
Min 3: Rest

*Score is total snatches and burpees over 6 rounds.
*Hustle Goal: Keep within 2 reps of your first round score on both movements!

Coaches’ Notes:
For 6 rounds, work for max effort reps at each station resting 1 minute after each of the 2 stations.
*Single Arm Snatches: Using a DB, KB or anything you can find in the house that can mimic the same movement pattern. Snatch weight should be light to moderate, something you can alternate for the full minute.

“360 Degrees” (9 minutes)

3 Rounds; 35 on/ 10 off
Seated Dual Leg Lift Overs – Video
Weighted Superman Hold – Video
Side Plank, Right
Side Plank, Left

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, spend 30 seconds working, with 15 seconds to rest and transition. Rotate through movements as a circuit.
*Leg Lift Overs: The more upright you are the harder this will be. Lean back to make this easier. Lock the knees out and lift over a small object with control. Use your db or kb as a target if possible.
*Weighted Superman Hold: This movement is challenging without weight as well. If you have a light weight or plate use it. Squeeze the butt to protect the lower back.
*Side Plank: Perform from a long position (toes), or short position, (knees)