A new class format hits the training floor in January!

Join us on Saturday mornings at 8AM, beginning 1/7, for DefCOMP with Coach Robert. (Think, Defined meets Competition.) Programmed and Co-coached by Coach Dana, this class is best suited for athletes with a competitive mindset.


DefCOMP is a weekly opportunity for athletes to experience a more competitive environment, both within themselves and with athletes around them. Your coaches will help you choose the appropriate stimulus for your fitness level while maintaining quality movement standards in order to see strong improvements over time. Coach Dana will program 3 training levels each week: Rx, Level 2, and Level 1. Your levels may change from week to week; and we expect that. Our only non-negotiable? No egos allowed.


This class if for you if you are someone who:

  • Is interested in Sport or Competition-style training.

  • Has 6+ months of experience in CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting training at Defined or elsewhere.

  • Already records scores regularly, or is willing to record scores for every class to foster healthy competition and help give your coach feedback.

  • Trains 3-5 times per week regularly.

  • Understands their own capabilities and knows their 1RMs for almost all lifts.

  • Is willing to work hard to motivate others around them.

  • Is comfortable scaling based on coach recommendations to maintain the intended stimulus of the workout.

  • Thrives in competition settings!

There are no gymnastics or strength prerequisites required to attend this class; it’s open to everybody that fits the description above.


  • Strict movement standards

  • More opportunities to train high-level gymnastic skills

  • Mindset coaching

  • A team-oriented mentality

  • Peer-to-peer motivation

  • CF Open, Games and competition-style inspired programming

Honesty and investment is key. Your coaches are looking for leaderboard action that accurately reflects your prescribed training for the day. This is how we get better, together.