Phase #3 Coming Soon!
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Defined @ Home Training:

10 minute WARMUP led by Coach Kev and Coach Cara
on Zoom!

8 Minute Amrap
(teams of 2)
75 X Shoulder Tap L/R + Push-up buy-in Video
10 X Deadlifts Video
8 X Hang Power Cleans Video
6 X Shoulder to Overhead Video
*Rotating with your partner every round!


8 Minute Amrap
(teams of 2)
75 X Lunge Left + Right + Squat buy-in Video
10 X Cycles of “Dumbbell OLY Complex”
1 X Snatch Video
1 X Cluster Video
*Rotating with your partner every 10 cycles!

15 Minute Amrap
(teams of 2)
10 rounds: 20 X Wall-sit chest press Video
10 rounds: 15 X Alt. V-ups Video
10 rounds: 10 X Burpees Video
*Rotating every round with your partner!

*Max effort plank for the remainder of the time!

Coaches’ Notes: 
Part B.
3,2,1 GO. Both partners must complete 75 shoulder tap + pushup buy-in each. Once complete, fill the remainder of the 8 minutes with max effort rounds of 10 Deadlifts, 8 Hang power cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead, switching with your partner every round.

Example: partner 1 completes 10 deadlifts, 8 hang power cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead, then partner 2 completes 10 deadlifts 8 hang power cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead. Follow this pattern for the remainder of the 8 minutes.

Score is total rounds completed with your partner in the 8 min. Rest 2 minutes and follow this pattern for the next 8 minutes.

Part C.
3,2,1 GO. Partner 1 performs round 1 of 20 wall-sit chest press then partner 2 performs round 2 of 20 wall-sit chest press. Continue with this pattern until 10 total rounds are complete for the team. Once 10 rounds are completed by the pair, move on to 10 rounds of 15 alteranting v-ups and then finally on to 10 rounds of 10 burpees

Non verbal communication is key with virtual teammates. Have teammates be diligent about watching the screens of their partners or have each team come up with their own hand signals to signify its time to switch before starting the workout.

*Deadlifts/Hang Power Clean/Shoulder to overhead/Snatch/Cluster/Wall-sit Chest Press: Using a kb, db, weighted backpack, or any object in the house that is challenging and allows you to mimic the same movement patterns. Single or Double arm for these movements are both options; you choose.
*Shoulder Tap Push-up Combo/Lunge, Lunge Squat Combo: Every movement equals 1 rep. Shoulder tap, shoulder tap, push-up equals 3 reps. Follow this pattern for 75 total reps. Lunge, lunge, squat equals 3 reps. Follow this pattern for 75 total reps.