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Choose a 4 week track and follow along for the month of April! 
All programs can be performed with little to no equipment! 
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CONSISTENCY is the REAL secret to success and happiness.  Put your whole effort into the path you are on. 4+ classes this week, 4+ days of great nutrition, 4+ days of meditation, whatever it is go all in with patience for the process. 
We’ll celebrate your dedication in the Committed Club. 

A. “KBS”
4 Rounds: Every 3 minutes perform the following;
1 X Turkish Get-up – Video
5 X Strict Press – Video
4 X Push Press – Video
3 X Push Jerk – Video
2 X Split Jerk – Video
1 X Turkish Get Down 
*Perform on both sides

B. “SLR”
Hero WOD: “Manion”
7 rounds for time;
400 meter X Run
29 X Back Squats
– Single KB – Video 
– Double KB – Video

Coaches’ Notes: 
Part A: Every 3 minutes for a total of 4 rounds, perform the complex on both the right side and left side. Rest remaining time of each round. Take 15 seconds to perform the Turkish Get-up to standing then perform the shoulder to overhead reps in the middle, then take 15 seconds to perform the Turkish Get-down to lying. 

Part B. If you can, go outside, get some fresh air and vitamin D for this workout.

Movement Optimization: 
*KB/DB complex: Can be completed with any object in the household that challenges you and mimics the movement pattern. 

*Run: We have a few options for your today. If you are running outside but don’t have a 400 meter mapped out: run 1 minute out + run 1 minute back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 2 minutes (think shuttle sprint style).
If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute of mountain climbers + 1 minute of Wall Sprints. – Video

*Back Squats: Hold a KB/DB or anything that mimics this equipment in your back rack position for the squats. Take a look at video above. Single or double KB/DB. Front Rack or Air Squats are both options if needed.