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Defined @ Home Workout-

Introducing the Single Leg KB Swap – Video
*A great drill to practice balance and improve foot, ankle and hip deficiencies. Also improves alignment and full body stability!
– Take off your shoes and practice the weight transfer for 2 rounds!
– 1st Round: Slow passes X 30 seconds each leg
– 2nd Round: Fast passes X 30 seconds each leg

Tabata Mashup: 20 ON/ 10 OFF X 3 Rounds;
Single Leg KB Swap, left side – Video
Single Leg Goblet RDL, left side – Video
Single Leg KB Swap, right side
Single Leg Goblet RDL, right side
Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge, left side – Video
Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold, left side
Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge, right side
Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold, right side

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, move through the movements above as a circuit, working for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds.
Take off your shoes, focus on quality movement and balance. Use a light kb, db or anything you can find in the house that can stand in for a light weight! See videos for reference!
*SL KB Swap: Grip the floor with your feet. Focus on the big toe gripping the ground. Focus on balance and coordination. Move slow until you have mastered the balance.
*SL Goblet RDL:
Slight bend in the standing leg, hips square to the floor. Move slow with control.
*Elevated SL Glute Bridge: Use a height no more than 16″ off the ground. A small box or side of your couch will work. Tuck the tailbone and drive the hip to the ceiling with each rep. Make sure not to overextend in the lower back.

Perform the following: Every 2 minutes X 10 Rounds; (20 minutes)
10 X Pushups, any variation, unbroken
– Optimize: 10 X HSPUs, unbroken
– Pushup Variations Include: from toes or knees, clapping, wide or narrow hand placement, offset, etc..
15 X OH Plate Crunches – Video
20 X Alternating DB Snatches

*Recording total number of snatches completed over 10 rounds!

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds, perform the following movements above as fast as possible. The goal of each round is to finish by the 90 second mark leaving 30 seconds of rest. Choose any pushup variation that challenges you but also allows you to complete 10 reps unbroken every round. Same rule applies if you are scaling up to HSPUs. They must be unbroken every round. If you complete 6 reps but have to kick down, your set is over with. Reduce the number of snatches you perform in order to finish each round with 30 seconds of rest!

Mobility X 5 Minutes

Couch Stretch for the hip flexors and quads! – Video
Spend 2 minutes per side!