A note from our Interns!

Ollie and Stan share their o-paw-nions.

We love Dog Days at Defined. To continue to keep our humans and paws safe, we ask that you take two shakes of a squirrel’s tail to review our guidelines :

  • Please do not let dogs run free. For everyone’s safety, make sure your pal is with you at all times. Defer to your coaches on outdoor running days.

  • When class begins, please leash your dog to a perimeter station, away from the action. Corner spots–or near the GHD–are great options. Weights and paws don’t mix.

  • Dogs sheds. Please use the vacuum after class to keep our space clean for all.

  • If your friend barks, please ask them to use their inside gruffles, or save their opinions for later. We woof their input; just not when Coach is talking.

We also ask that you help us share these guidelines, should new dog pals join us for training.

Most im-paw-tantly: Thank you for sharing your dogs with Defined. They bring our coaches and community more joy than you know.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Sarah at [email protected]. She speaks human and dog.


Ollie & Stan 🐾