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We’ve trained to be resilient in our fitness and mindset. 
This week how can we be resilient as a community?

Stronger together. 
Remember to rely on one another, your community and your teammates. Just show up, ask for help, and help one another. 

Defined @ Home Workout-

Shoulder Circuit: 3 Rounds: 45 on/ 15 off;
Prone Swimmers – Video
Bent Over Raises: Y + T, alternating – Video
Pushup + Shoot through+ Dip on P-Bars – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For a total of 3 rounds, work 45 seconds on with 15 seconds to rest and transition to the next station. Focus on quality work at each station and watch videos for movement demos.
*Bent Over Raises: In a bent over position with core tight, alternate through the “Y” and “T” positions slowly with control. Keep shoulders down and back through movement. This movement is effective with just bodyweight. Option to use a pair of soup cans for added resistance. See video!
*Pushup to Shoot Through: Perform a pushup then shoot through to a dip. Pause in the bottom position of your dip and pushup. If you dont have a set of P-bars, use a set of chairs, or 2 elevated surfaces you can shoot your body through. The closer your body is to the ground the harder this will be. Aim for an elevation that is at approx 12-16″ off the ground. See video!

15 Minute Amrap
20 X Double Unders
15 X Single Arm Snatch
10 X Pushups
*EMOTM: Perform 1 X WallClimb – Video

*Hustle Goal: Complete 8 Rounds!

Coaches’ Notes:
Every minute on the minute perform 1 X WallClimb, use the rest of each minute to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of the work above for 15 minutes. Hustle goal is to complete 8 Rounds!
*Double Unders: If you dont have doubles, perform 40 single unders. If you dont have a jumprope, perform 20 X Penguin Hops (video) or 20 X Lateral Line Hops. (video)
*Single Arm Snatch: Using a kb, db, plate, weighted backpack or anything in the house that is challenging and mimics the same movement pattern.
*Wall Climbs: Goal is to climb up and down the wall with control, touching your noes and toes to the wall at the same time. If you are not confident with going all the way up, choose a height that challenges you. If you are not ready for the wall, perform 4 X Walk outs (video)

Recovery: Introducing the Jefferson Curl – Video
– Spend 5 minutes with this dynamic mobility!
– Take 1 full minute to slowly curl down and slowly curl up!
– Perform 5 rounds of this.
*If you are new to the movement and/or are very tight, start with very light weight. 10lbs or less!